SpeedyPC Pro – Download Instructions

SpeedyPC Pro downloads fast and easy – whether you prefer the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browser. The instructions below provide a short description of what to expect during the download process.

Start Now...

  1. Click on the green Download button to start the download process. The standard “File Download” message should appear.
  2. Follow the directions below that best suit your web browser.
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer: A Security Warning dialog box will be displayed (similar to the image shown below). Please click the Run button to install SpeedyPC Pro.
    • Mozilla Firefox: A dialog box, similar to the image shown below, will appear. You will be asked tosave this file (we recommend you Save File to your desktop).
Note: We recommend that you choose to save the application and save it to your desktop. To initiate the SpeedyPC Pro installer, please double-click the desktop icon. If you choose not to save the application, you can initiate the installer by clicking the Run button. 

   Internet Explorer — File Download Message   Firefox Browser — File Download Message  
  SpeedyPC Pro - Internet Explorer File Download Message  SpeedyPC Pro - Firefox File Download Message   

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